How to save money? 3 Tips for Immediate Outcome.

With the crisis, we are all trying to save money. But spending less is not that easy … So how? I have selected for you three little things that you can put into practice right now. These tips, I use them every day.

They are easy and will give you results in just 2 to 3 weeks. The most difficult thing is to keep them in mind throughout the year. Why? Because the sources of temptation are numerous in our societies where everything is based on (over) consumption. We are constantly asked to buy anything more or less useful. Especially in shopping centers.

“But what could I have bought this week so that I have so little money left?” Does it remind you of something? Yes? So it’s time to discover my three tips for saving money right now:

1st tip: pay in cash Try as much as you can to pay for your ticket purchases and not for your credit card: tickets in hand, you better see what’s out of your pocket. Banknotes and coins are palpable in hand. If you buy something at 20 €, your ticket of 20 € disappeared after the purchase. You are therefore aware of having spent money.

Conversely, with a credit card, you pay your 20 €, but after the purchase, you always have your credit card in your hands. Consequence: it is much more difficult to realize that we have just spent 20 €. However, the 20 € have disappeared from your account. The solution is to get out of the distributor’s money and pay with real money.

2nd tip: overestimate your expenses In your weekly or monthly budget forecasts, make a habit of overestimating your expenses. And while you’re there, do not be afraid to underestimate your money. Why?Because it pushes more to make efforts throughout the week. This is an excellent method to transform the “Oops I thought I had more money …” in “Excellent I did not think that I was left so much!”. If you have the courage, do not spend that money you have left. Put it in a kitty that you will place in the bank

3rd tip: wait two days before buying Wait at least two days before succumbing to your next purchase. This gives you time to think about your purchase. Not to crack on the spot or worse, to regret it later.

And you will see, the result is pretty impressive. In 3/4 of the cases, you will find that you did not need this new T-shirt (you already have a dozen at home), or this new bag (there must be fifteen in the closet), or this new pair of shoes (you could put the entire building with what you already have).

The proof: Your desire was merely a consumer drive. 2 short days are enough to get back on track. Time and sleep (because the night brings advice) are the best tips to realize that a purchase is not worth it. Yes, you have what you need at home! These three tips should help you better face the back and all the expenses that come with it.

These are the best save money tips you can ever get.