Radon system installation

Most Talked About Myths on Radon System Installation

In this article, the readers would be able to learn about the amazing and most surprising myths or facts about the Radon system installation. This would definitely surprise you a lot! Check out as below!

List of Amazing and Best Myths about Radon System:

Myth No 1: Radon Is Not Dangerous:

In the US there are millions of people who affected by radon gas and face the death. Regarding this, whole fact, discussion, still same. The myth has been undertaken that radon is not dangerous at all. How is it possible? It has been scientifically reported that low levels of the radon are not dangerous, but as it would reach to the point of high levels, then for sure it raising intensity lead to the conditions of the lung cancer. Radon leave a harmful effect on the human health and especially in the home places.

Myth No 2: Radon Testing is Costly and Time-Consuming:

Second myth is related to the cost and time duration of the radon testing. It has been reported that the radon testing has been thought out to be carried with the costly rates and at the same time it is time-consuming as well. Do you think it is true?  You do have the option to take short-term testing kit for radon testing. These short-term kits do bring less time consumption over its testing use. Normally the testing of the radon system installation can be done in the course of 3-8 days. They are not at all complex in terms of conducting or installing them.

Myth No 3: Radon Problems Cannot be solved at Homes:

About 6% of the homes affected by the high radon levels. Today, radon testing is the best way and people demanded to solve the radon problem through mitigation process. If you think that radon levels cannot be fixed at home then you are 100% wrong. Radon can be fixed through radon system installation.

Myth No 4: Only a Few Homes Have Radon Levels:

It is an interesting fact to note that radon is much more attracted to the Victorian style of homes. Why is it so? Is it just a myth? Well, it is! Radon is normally produced from the soil ground and it is depending on top of the variable factors such as, the soil or the atmospheric circumstances. Almost all the homes have soil ground, so radon can take place in almost all the home places.

Myth No 5: If your neighbor’s house has radon, your house is indicated too with it:

If your neighboring house is affected with the radon, then it doesn’t mean that your house would be affected as well. This is simply a wrong myth. A long argument has been carried out in this respect. It might be possible that your house and your neighbor’s house would be built as on the same soil and are much close enough too, but always a difference come in the structural building of the house. The size and design of the house, play’s an important role in rising the radon level in your home. If you found any cracks in your house foundation, then a significant level of the radon gas will be experienced in the home.