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Why students should keep away from plagiarism

No wonders to the fact that the use of plagiarism checker tool has gone on to increase considerably. It works out to be a complex issue that students encounter worldwide. It means copying the words or thoughts of someone else without their acknowledgment. You can say that someone else goes on to copy your work without any token of appreciation. They do on to pass it as their very own.

Now before we go ahead why avoid plagiarism in the first place. The reasons are

  • Professors are a lot smarter in comparison to the students- You need to acknowledge the fact that professors are way ahead of the students. This would be in terms of smartness. They are well aware of the skills and knowledge of a student on a particular topic.
  • Professors have zero level of tolerance as far as plagiarism work evolves- for the professors it boils down to the creative skills or hard work of the students. Professors hate students who consider academic writing as a form of burden.
  • Professors rely on the web- In modern times professors use the web. They have an idea on how to check out for plagiarism work. The moment a student goes on to deliver a work. They can go on to the internet and check out whether the work is prone to plagiarism. In case if you use the up to date technological equipment. Then trust me the professors are not far away from you. If a student goes on to copy someone else’ work and passes it as his own. Then what would make the professors give them marks? The onus would be on you in not submitting any form of plagiarism prone work
  • Impression- during the course of your student life it would be really important that you have a positive impression among teachers. If your impression is negative then you will have a hard time for sure. If you submit any work on plagiarism then the trust factor will not be there. In just a matter of seconds, a positive impression could turn into a negative one. So beware and work on those lines to keep it at bay

In case if you are really copying the work of someone else, just refer to it. In this manner, you do not encourage the tag of being a thief. It would not amount to copying in any way. But if you fail to do so then it works out to be a clear-cut case of cheating. In case if you are using a paragraph, then clearly specify the reference. If you take any content from a book then also it is a case of plagiarism.

Be aware that you should never copy real content. There seems to be no harm in rewriting content and then using it as your own. There are guidelines in place and you can take help from experts. They will guide you on what you would need to do.