rent a car UAE


Many tourists in Dubai face the problem of transportation. The public transportation service in Dubai is pretty good but in the season of vacations whole city is crowded. Other than tourist every person cannot afford their own car, but many people wish that they had one. The way to fulfil the dream of having own car is easy and simple. If you a car you can easily rent a car. Dubai residents can now rent a car Dubai and not only Dubai residents but the tourist who are visiting Dubai can also rent your car in Dubai easily.

The procedure is simple and less time consuming Many organizations allow you to rent a car Dubai on simple terms and conditions. The companies offer cars on rent in Dubai at very low cost and no hidden cost is charged. There are some specific websites on internet which you can visit and complete and submit the form with your accurate information, after the submission the car will be delivered at your place at the right time.


The steps are simple, and the form does have enough questions. You must fill in your name and have to verify your identity by submitting the required documents. Following are the step to submit the form.

  • Visit the website
  • Fill firm with your accurate information
  • Recheck the information
  • Submit the form


The documents which are required to rent a car in Dubai are generally for confirming the identity of the client. ALWAYS submit the legit documents. If you will submit the fake document it can cause problem, not only to the company but to you too.

The documents which are generally required to rent a car in Dubai are as follow:

  • Identity card or Passport
  • Driving licence
  • Visa (in case you are a tourist in Dubai)



The delivery of the car will be hundred percent free. The car will be delivered at your asked place, at your submitted time by the representative of the company. Some companies charge hidden delivery cost with the rent of car. The companies offer delivery for free because customers are already paying the amount of rent and extra hidden charges are not there, because companies do not want put burden on customers.


You can cancel your booking for free. Many times, the plans we make does not work and at the end we have to cancel these plans. Suppose you got a car on rent in Dubai and now the plans you made are cancelled. Do not worry that your money will go in vain. You can cancel your booking any time without paying a single penny.


Following are the precautions which you should read before renting a car in Dubai.

  • There are many scammers on internet, be safe and do not send your personal information to any scammer.
  • Always give your accurate information to the legit company.